Power of Hemp

power of hemp

Hemp: The legal cannabis

Hemp is a plant that is categorized under the family of cannabis Sativa. There has been a lot of benefits that have been associated with this plant. It’s not a discovery, but it’s a plant that has been there for a long time. Some people say more than half a million years. Probably you do not know much about hemp, especially if you are not a cannabis Sativa consumer. Do not worry. In this article, we will learn a lot about this plant. You will know about the plant itself, the difference between the plant and marijuana, and its benefits.

The hemp plant

The hemp plant is a natural growing plant where the end products such as hemp oil are extracted. This is a rather peculiar plant that you will ever find. Researchers have shown that hemp is the fastest growing plant. Each day, the plant grows by approximately 11 centimeters. But that is not enough. Hemp is a plant that can grow wildly on its own. The plant requires little to no maintenance. A hemp farmer would incur pesticides and herbicide costs. Additionally, you do not need to water it. The plant is well adapted to growing in areas with little water. Its deep roots can gather water deep down in the soil. For the environment, hemp helps reduce the level of carbon dioxide in the air as it absorbs much of the air than any other plant. 

Finally, hemp, though it might sound like a weed, does not interfere with the soil structure. Quite the opposite, it improves the soil structure, which the researcher attribute to its deep roots. What a noble gift (2) the universe has provided us with!

The history of hemp

Today if you go shopping, you are likely to find hemp oil, which are end products of the hemp plant being sold in the many supermarkets and retail shops. Hemp products in the USA are among the most sought after products. The places where these products are produced in the USA are the Colorado hemp lab. But that is not all about the hemp. You can buy the stocks of the products. Go to the hemp Inc. buy or sell and trade it (3).

The rise in demand and popularity for this product has overshadowed the fact that hemp was at one time illegal. Not in the USA only but the whole world in general. In the USA, to be precise, the anti-marijuana law was passed in 1927, which imposed heavy fines and taxes on anyone found in possession of the substance. This law was existence for the larger part of the 19th century, and those who consumed the substance had to do it illegally. The same case applies to the Netherlands, where it was banned in the country at nearly the same time.

At that time, there was little distinction between marijuana and hemp. Marijuana always has some side effects, which makes it a product that most states would not legalize.  

Hemp was in use before that. China is one of the places that naturally noble plant has been used for hundreds of years for medical purposes. Siberia is another place that hemp has been existence for years. Locals have used it for textile and food.

Due to increased researches, there has been a clear distinction between the two. This explains why the substance is legal in most states. Other renowned bodies such as WHO has endorsed the usage of the product. WHO reported that it does not lead to addiction and is therefore safe! As an effort to back its report WHO backed cannabinoid research by funding over $20 million for this research. The World Anti-Doping agency also dropped it from the list of banned substances. Athletes participating in the Olympic Games can use the product safely and should not fear that using hemp will cause them to test positive for drug abuse.

This signaled a new era for the sale of wholesale hemp products USA, and today so many people are using the plant for their benefits. Go to the hemp doctor reviews and look at what marvelous things the consumption of the products brings.

Power of Hemp: Hemp vs. Marijuana

Though there is a distinction between marijuana and hemp, there are few who, by the mention of cannabis Sativa, think of the illegal substance marijuana. How can you differentiate the two? There are four things you should consider.

  • Legality- Hemp is a legal product that is recognized worldwide. On the other hand, marijuana is not legal in most countries. In the US alone, there are states where the consumption of marijuana could land you years in jail. Some states are legalizing marijuana. Why? There have been some benefits that have been associated with cannabis Sativa. However, if cannabis is not legal in your county, hemp should be the alternative that you go for. It’s legal in most places in the world.
  • Cultivation- Previously we had said that growing hemp does not need a lot of maintenances and thus can be grown outdoors. Marijuana needs a lot of maintenance. The farmer has to keep a close eye at the plant at each level of growth. He/she should ensure that there is a good supply of temperature, light, and humidity.
  • Compositions– Perhaps the biggest difference is the composition of the delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – this is the element in all cannabis plants that induces a high feeling in the consumer. Marijuana, on the other hand, contains more than 20% of THC. On the other hand, hemp contains a low level of THC of less than 20%.
  • How it’s used- Marijuana due to the high level of THC is used for recreational purposes. Hemp has a varied use. It can be used to produce industrial products such as paper and clothing. It’s also used in food products such as hemp flour and for medicinal purposes.

The benefits of hemp

Hemp is a plant that is naturally beneficial to the body. Let’s start exploring the power of hemp.


Up to the 1990s, doctors did not know that the endocannabinoids exist. For a long time, they were acquainted with the receptors of the skin. So what exactly are endocannabinoids? They are molecules made by the body that resemble the cannabinoids except that the body produces them. In reality, there is nothing much known about the endocannabinoid except that it performs a vital role in regulating a wide array of body functions in the body such as sleep, mood, memory, appetite, and reproduction. That means that the endocannabinoid system in your body is much active, whether you use cannabis or not. The endocannabinoid receptors are found throughout the body. These receptors can be classified into two CB1 receptors and CB2 receptors. The former is located around the central nervous system, while the latter is found at the peripheral nervous system.

How is hemp useful to the endocannabinoid system? You should know that there are times when the body has insufficient endocannabinoids. This condition where there is insufficient cannabinoid is associated with migraines and fibromyalgia. Hemp contains phytocannabinoids that fit into the endocannabinoid receptors in the process, ensuring that the body remains in a healthy state.

Hemp and pain

If you are using hemp, then you might not need the powerful pain killers. Hemp has been associated with a profound effect on healing pain. Tissues in the body contain receptors that allow cannabinoids to play the role of pain regulation. Research has also found that phytocannabinoids, which are found in hemp, can ease mild to moderate pain.

Hemp in promoting sleep and reducing stress

Hemp also comes handy in reducing anxiety and other stresses, which gives you a restful sleep. The feel-good neurotransmitter by the name of serotonin isn’t resilient to cannabinoids.

Given the anti-anxiety effect that cannabinoids have, they can help to reduce the effects of insomnia and stress.

This does not mean that you will feel drowsy during the day but will have a sound sleep at night.

Power of Hemp – Terpenes 101: what are they?

Whenever there is a discussion about hemp, there must be something that touches on terpenes. I am not going to deviate from the norm, so we must discuss what terpenes are.

Most people are unfamiliar with terpenes, but they might be unaware that they surround them. When we talk of terpenes, we imply the substances that affect our senses. In this case, it’s about appetite and emotions. 

They are the ones behind the pleasant smelt that you will encounter in kitchens and your favorite dishes. 

Terpenes give all the plants their scent and taste. They contribute to the unique scent of each plant. Hemp has its smell, which is contributed by terpenes.

Though we should say that the most important ingredients in hemp are THC and CBD, terpene still has to pay a vital role in hemp. There have been researches which have been conducted to explore the effect of terpenes on the skin, and the result is encouraging. There are over 100 different types of terpenes that occur in hemp. 

The effects of some of them have been identified, while in others, the existing information about them is scanty. 

The most common terpenes (1) are myrcene, linalool, nerolidol, and humulene.

Hemp products in retail

The use of hemp products has been widespread throughout the country. In a retail shop, you will most likely find hemp oil products. More people have become increasingly interested in these products since the approval of CBD based drugs.

The most common hemp product is the hemp seed oil or the hemp oil. They come in different brand names. Just ensure that before you purchase one, you get it from a legit company.

People tend to confuse hemp oil and CBD oil. The confusion arises from the fact that they both arise from cannabis. CBD oil is generally derived from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. As a result, they contain a lot of the element health caps CBD in concentration. CBD oils are generally used for medical purposes such as treatment of anxiety and depression, neurodegenerative conditions, inflammatory skin conditions, and epilepsy. Despite the alleged medicinal benefits, researchers are yet to conclude whether it’s safe to use CBD oil (4).

On the contrary, the hemp seed oil is conscious extracts from the cannabis Sativa seeds. The seeds, however, do not have CBD but are rich with nutrients and fatty acids. By using the hemp seed oil, you will not get high because of the simple fact that it does not contain THC.

There are suggestions that hemp seed oil improves cardiovascular health because of the improved level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the body. Hemp oil also improves the immune system, relieves constipation, and improves skin conditions and gastrointestinal conditions. Other people consider having anticancer, antioxidant, and antiaging effects. Some use it also for hemp oil for OCD.

Nutritionally, hemp oil has lots of benefits; that is why it’s found in products such as yogurt and bread. Also, it contains a high amount of fatty acids and amino acids.

Caution when using hemp oil

Hemp oil is something that is legal and won’t cause you to fee high or fail a drug test. Generally, there are no major problems with it. But there are instances that some people suffer from some side effects even though they are not as mild as one would think of. The effects include cramps, diarrhea, and nausea. As a word of caution, you should always start with a small dose, and then you increase gradually. This will ensure that you do not suffer from its side effects. You can start with a hemp oil 500 milligrams or hemp oil 300 milligrams. If you are applying it on your skin, you should always do a skin patch test before you use it. Remember the power of hemp is substantial. This way, you can know if it can trigger an allergic reaction. In case you have a medical condition, see a doctor.

Hemp oil can be a healthy addition if it’s used properly. Ensure that you choose the product carefully and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Always beware of its effects on you.

How to select the best hemp seed oil?

Many companies produce hemp seed oil. They normally come in different labels. Given that things might not pan out as we had expected, it’s better to be on the safe side. Select a product that is from a recognized company and is considered safe to use. If you want to select a product, use the following criteria.

1. Talk to your doctor

Before you can go and acquire a hemp seed oil product, you should consult your doctor. You could be experiencing some problems which could trigger an allergic reaction. Your doctor will be in the best position to tell you if the products are safe for you.

2. Third-party lab testing

The power of hemp oil has to be tested to be valid. Ensure that the hemp oil that you buy has a third-party lab testing. All the products have to go through a third party lab to check if there are toxins. 

This will guarantee you your safety as you use the product. Generally, avoid those products that are not third-party lab tested. Check the product label if it is lab tested. If there is no information, then you can check the website of the company. If there is no information from the two, then do not use the product. If there is, check the results.

3. Check its ingredients

Check the label for the ingredients used in making the product. A reputable company will have them in the label. Such a label will have a list of ingredients and additives used in the product. Read the label and look for the ingredient list. If there are no ingredients listed, the product might be of low quality. You should avoid such a product. Or you could look for more information about the product online.

4. Extraction of CBD

Hemp oil still contains a few traces of CBD. Some companies employ the use of toxic solvents to extract CBD. However, the products will also have some other contaminants. The objective of purchasing the product is to better your health. It will be of no use if there are contaminants in the hemp oil. A safe method is a CO2 extraction that uses carbon dioxide to remove CBD from the plant without contaminating it. Check on the label to identify the method of extraction. 

If you cannot change the identity of how CBD was extracted, do not go for the products.

How will you use it?

Are you going to use the product orally, or you are going to apply it on your skin? Pick a hemp oil that is in a capsule if you are going to use it orally. If it’s on the specific parts of your skin, use topical hemp oil. Have an understanding of why you are buying the nobel oil USA product. Why have you bought it? Is it for you or your pet? If it is for your pet, you can pick the pet recovery natural hemp oil.

Check out the rest of our blog for amazing CBD and Hemp information.

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